Our Business Areas

Retail & Central Operations:

We’ve been on the High Street for 150 years, so we know how to run a shop or two (well, we do have more than 1300 with more on the way). Our In-Store Colleagues are amazing. We train our teams to be ‘qualified to advise’ with a recognised qualification and the very best in customer service. You can rest assured you’ll join a friendly, supportive team and receive great training to develop you into a health and nutrition expert.

Central Operations are the engine room for our retail store estate. As well as supporting the day to day running of our stores, we also look after all communications, administration, forecasting, reporting and so much more.


It’s this magical science, blended together with creativity, that’s enabling us to do incredible things, with highly advanced customer insight, our team of experts fully understand our customer needs- supporting them to achieve a healthier, happier lifestyle. Our merchandising is creative and innovative, our loyalty scheme is in full swing and our brand and retail marketing teams are thriving.


There aren’t many places you’ll get to work with a product range as big as ours! As a member of our trading team you’ll get to work with a wide and varied mix of partners, ranging from independent innovators to big name brands. Help us find the perfect balance of growing our business whilst ensuring the successful growth of our suppliers; many of which solely rely on us to power their success. Here you’ll have the chance to combine customer insight with leading market knowledge to develop a product range our customers know, trust and love.

Digital & Ecommerce:

More and more our customers love the convenience of shopping whenever and wherever they choose. We are truly multichannel and our digital teams are leading the way in digital first innovation. You’ll help us really understand our customers’ needs and then help us build a shopping experience they’ll love. Maybe our customers prefer simple click&buy? click&collect? or a monthly subscription service? Or maybe they need you to help them decide?


Our Colleagues are just amazing. From recruitment to training and everything in between, our teams work tirelessly to attract, retain and develop the very best people to represent our brand and take care of our customers. Having recently implemented a new HR & Payroll system across the business, and completely overhauled our fantastic e-learning provision, we’re now firmly focused on driving our employee engagement agenda to become an industry leading employer of choice. Our business is our people. Want to come and help us get the best from the best?


IT doesn’t get faster than this! Our IT, Technology and Digital teams are transforming our business beyond all recognition. This is where we create our industry leading digital solutions to satisfy our customer needs. As well as looking after security and keeping us safe, here you’ll have the opportunity to tell us where you’re going to take us next. Do we need an app? Is there a slicker way of training our Colleagues? Can you make it go better and faster without switching it off and back on again? Whether you’re an expert in innovation, architecture, security, technical analysis or desktop support you’ll answer all these questions and more.


Our Finance Team is responsible for watching the purse strings and forecasting the future. From management accounts, to tax reporting and financial planning & analysis, this team has its finger on the pulse every minute, of every hour of every day. An integral part of our business whose insight and expertise help us make the right financial decisions at the right time.

From stock counts, safety and security to loss prevention and financial controls, our internal auditors look after our business from the inside out. Here you’ll dig deep into the inner workings of our business, and then advise us on what we can do even better.


From refits and refurbs, to relocations and maintenance, this team is also in charge of our properties and facilities. You’ll spot new places where our stores should open, draw up plans to make the most of the space we already have and make sure our Colleagues and customers are safe.

Customer Services:

Whether our customers choose to shop with us online or on the high street, our commitment to them doesn't end there. We're there for them whatever question, query or observation they have. Every day our Customer Services team take hundreds of calls, hundreds of live chats and answer hundreds of emails to make sure our customers stay happy and resolve any issues they may have. But they’re not just there for the odd occasion when something goes wrong, they’re fully trained across all our products to offer help or advice. You might join us as a team member, Supervisor or even a dedicated nutritionist.

Legal & Regulatory Affairs:

Safety is always our top priority. Our Legal & Compliance teams never compromise on quality and never forget that our customers are at the heart of everything we do. Whether it’s legal compliance, regulatory adherence, due diligence or contract negotiations, our teams are there to keep our customers safe and our business sharp!


What we do is amazing, so why wouldn’t we want to share it with the whole world? Our International Team support our stores and customers across 18 countries (and we’re still growing!). Whether we’re helping customers in Belgium, The Netherlands, the Middle East or India, our customers expect the best and that’s exactly what they get! Just make sure you’re not afraid of flying and don’t forget your passport!


Manufacturing, Packaging, Distribution, Transport - our supply chain is HUGE!. Our modern, purpose built, distribution centre in Burton Upon Trent has over 600 Colleagues working around the clock. We also have depots in Amsterdam and Dublin too.

Combining many years of know-how with the latest in technology, we ensure our customers can always get their hands on what we do so well. It really must be seen to be believed. Come and take a look.