Training & Development

We are committed to providing you with appropriate learning and development initiatives that not only support your current role but also equip you for your next one. We believe in utilising all forms of learning through 1:1 coaching, workshops, digital, secondments, experiential, project work and self-study packs.

The Hive:

The Hive is your one stop shop for all your learning and development needs. It’s home to a wide range of training solutions that have a positive impact on your skills, knowledge and behaviours that all ultimately enhance the Customer experience. It gives you access to all the Healthy programmes, as well as a host of other product education modules and training on other key areas. You can book on to courses, develop your personal development plan, access learning resources.

Our healthy programmes:

We are passionate about delivering a world-class customer experience to each individual customer. Our unique selling point is the advice we offer our customers and the help and consideration that we take in selecting the right products for them. To help us achieve this, we have an accredited Healthy training programme designed to give you the knowledge and skills you need. Guidelines outlining the content, timescales and benefits are all detailed on the Hive in our Training Commitment Charter. All roles within the business are expected to complete Healthy Start, with roles that directly influence customers and products required to complete Healthy Essentials. It may be prevalent for your role and professional development to undertake the Healthy Expert Qualification and your Manager will provide you with more information on this.

Career development:

We actively encourage career development and provide you with opportunities to stretch and develop. During your time with us there will be many opportunities to develop your existing skills and to learn new ones. We also have management and IT training which will enhance your skill set and equip you for your next challenge.


Our Apprenticeship programme is also open for you to apply and gain a recognised new set of skills and qualifications. Working with our Learning & Development team we’re committed to delivering a wide range of Apprenticeship programmes, from Team Leader for retail to bespoke qualifications for Marketing, Human Resources, Distribution, Finance, general management, business and project skills for Head Office and field management. We fully recognise that your development is important not just for your personal growth but also to support the long-term growth of The Company. We regularly add new training interventions to our portfolio of options, and would encourage you to embrace the opportunity and responsibility to aid your development

Ambassador Champions:

Our Champions come from all corners of our organisation and are integral in helping us to make our business great! Through them we ensure we always have our fingers on the pulse, working with the teams to do the right thing for you all of the time.

Recognising talent:

We truly believe that we have some of the very best people in our industry working here. So it’s only right that we recognise that talent. It’s a competition that happens every year, where people nominate the colleagues they believe to be living our values the best. And that could be anyone, from anywhere, in any job. Retail, Distribution or Store Support. If you get picked, you could be whisked off to a Regional Final – or, you could go straight into the Grand Final; two days of activities where you’re treated like a champion. It’s an opportunity to meet colleagues from every brand, department and country. You’ll mix with suppliers and senior leaders. You’ll challenge yourself, work together, and fingers crossed, be crowned one of our winners! It’s all good natured. And it’s all fun! But we do take it seriously. It’s the expertise and passion of our people that sets us apart from anywhere else on the high street.